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Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Blog | Dodge News near Atlanta

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  • The next generation Jeep Wrangler is rumored to have some pretty big changes coming along with it. To elaborate a little bit, the 2018 model is expected to use aluminum to save some weight, possibly enter into the truck game with a pickup version, and offer new engines. 

    A few recent set of spy images have shown a Wrangler mule with an eight-speed automatic shifter, taking the place of the older five-speed unit, indicating the transmission underneath. This will improve the Wrangler’s fuel economy a great deal. Additionally, an EcoDiesel V6 is expected to be available right along with a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The EcoDiesel will not only provide more power to the vehicle, but also enable it to achieve higher fuel economy. 

    Check out the latest set of spy images here and be on the lookout for more Wrangler updates from Landmark Dodge in Atlanta! 


    Landmark Dodge has it’s eye on the Easter Jeep Safari, which is an an off roading event that draws thousands of Jeep and four-wheeler fanatics to Moab, Utah each year. As it’s their 75th anniversary, Jeep revealed a new line of one-off vehicles. Mike Sutton of Car and Driver reviewed the 2016 Jeep Crew Chief 715.

    Out of the entire line, the folks at Car and Driver were most impressed by the Jeep Crew Chief 715. Stylistically, the vehicle is reminiscent of a 1960s Kaiser military utility rig. Designers clearly valued function over fashion in its creation, as the vehicle is very minimalistic in style—featuring a custom five-foot truck bed, cloth top, and rear winches that sit inside of the vehicle’s bumpers. Inside, the Jeep trades the 1960s, nostalgic design for a more modern style.


    A notable feature of the Crew Chief 715 is its 40-inch nondirectional-tread military tires tires, which are wrapped around 20-inch beadlock wheels. The Jeep has also been updated to include a body that has been lifted four inches, Dana 60 units, Fox Racing 2.0 remote-reservoir dampers, and even an onboard air compressor for when you need to fill tires or run any air-powered accessories. It is affixed with the traditional 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine and a stock five-speed automatic transmission. 

    More Car and Driver Easter Jeep Safari favorites include the 2016 Jeep Trailcat, 2015 Jeep Chief, 2012 Mighty FC, and 2011 Blue Crush.  

    Head to Landmark Dodge today for all of your Jeep needs! 


    Although the release date is unclear, Motor Trend recently spotted Jeep’s new creation driving down a Detroit highway. Codenamed the “C-SUV”, the vehicle is projected to replace the Jeep Compass and Patriot. 

    Motor Trend noted that the vehicle seemed to be reminiscent of traditional Jeep designs, and compared the front end to that of the Grand Cherokee. They predicted that the Jeep could include a turbo 2.0-liter Hurricane I-4 spied, just adapted for a transverse layout and to include a nine-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.

    Motor Trend hopes that the vehicle will be released for the 2017 model year. In the meantime, come to Landmark Dodge for all of your Jeep needs! 

  • Halifax (Canada) Chronicle-Herald’s Kelley Taylor tried out the 2016 Jeep Renegade, and found that it wasn’t at all what he was expecting. Much to his surprise, he found the Renegade to be a “fun-to-drive, well-sorted compact SUV.”

    Taylor tested the Trailhawk model of the Renegade, and was very impressed with the vehicle’s ‘auto’ mode. He claims that he didn’t have to switch into one of the four other settings: rock, sand, mud or snow—even in one of Winnipeg’s worst winter snows. 

    The new Renegade is equipped with a 2.4-liter normally aspirated four-cylinder, 2.4-liter engine, four wheel drive, world-class roadholding, a “My Sky” removable roof, and a towing package with a two-inch receiver and four-pin wiring harness. Adding to the unique capability of this SUV are the three available ground clearances: 6.7 inches for 4x2 models, 7.9 inches for the 4x4 models, and 8.7 inches for the Trailhawk. 

    Jeep added several unique design features to the interior of the Renegade as well, including “funky” optional interior color schemes, and many “easter eggs”—Jeep design cues hidden throughout the vehicle which only add to the vehicle’s character. 

    Taylor enthuses that the 2016 Jeep Renegade “was lots of fun to drive, and when office closures and limited service because of the holidays meant some extra seat time, I jumped at the chance.” Hurry in to Landmark Dodge today and experience the fun for yourself with an all-new Renegade! 

  • Although sports utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles are currently the best-selling vehicles in the automotive world, many American families are still purchasing minivans. Last year, over 500,000 of these vehicles were sold- half of which were made by Chrysler. What’s their newest offering in the van game, you ask? The 2017 Pacifica.
    The vehicle was unveiled this year at the Detroit Auto Show and has been widely promoted ever since, rightfully so. The Pacifica is built on an entirely new platform- meaning it shares only an engine, transmission and a few parts with other Fiat Chrysler automobiles. A plug-in hybrid electric version of the van will be introduced later this year, making it the first minivan to be sold in that format in the U.S. Additionally, Google has purchased 100 Pacificas to advance its self-driving car program.

    The Pacifica screams convenience to families, whether it's just taking the kids to school or a weekend drive through the Smokey Mountains. It features seven passenger seats, which are all highly adjustable. By pushing a button, the two side doors slide open and the second-row seats slide forward to create plenty of space for the third row. A third seat can be added to the second row to increase the overall seating to eight. Push another button, and the third-row seats will automatically disappear into the floor if space is needed. And of course, the famed Stow ‘n Go seating is featured in the 2017 Pacifica.

    With about 18 cupholders, plenty of plugins for electronic devices and a built-in vacuum cleaner, every trip, will occur with ease. A giant sunroof makes it feel even more spacious than it already is.

    Take a look at the 2017 Pacifica at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Morrow, GA!

  • Fast cars, roaring engines, and eye catching colors have always gone hand in hand, so it would only make sense that the legendary muscle car manufacture Dodge, would bring back hues that made us fall in love with them in the first place. From Sublime Green to Plum Crazy Purple, the Go Mango is the next generation of colors that once ruled the street.

    Starting immediately, customers can order their 2016 Challenger SRT 392 Hellcat or the 2016 Charger SRT 392 Hellcat in the newly revived Go Mango color shade. First seen on the Dodge 1970 Challenger, along with a limited number on the 2006 Charger and 2016 Dart. Dodge is bringing back this hue to highlight its legendary performance and vibrant personality. 


    This summer, be on the lookout for this majestic combination of our orange and red color sequence, formally known as Go Mango.

    Whenever you hit your mid-life crisis, come on down Landmark Dodge to see what a Go Mango, 700 hp, V-8 2016 Dodge Challenger or Charger SRT Hellcat can do for you. 

  • The Ram family will introduce a new model to its fleet - the limited edition Ram 2016 Stinger Yellow 1500 Sport. Arriving this May at Ram dealers across the country, the Stinger 1500 will be available for $44,340. Only 2,250 trucks are hitting the market. 

    The Ram Stinger 1500 Sport offers an eye catching color scheme, both interior and exterior, while also maintaining its high performance and durable reputation. The exterior is a combination of a black hood with bright yellow details outlining the model. Inside the cabin is an array of memorizing, black leather seats stitched with same color sequence as the outside. Included in the special trim, the Ram 1500 is furnished with a rear-view camera along with the 8.4AN Uconnect system. 

    For those lucky enough to get one of these limited monsters, the Ram 1500 Stinger Yellow offers its customers two options for its crew cab, 4x2 and 4x4 alignments. Underneath the hood, the 1500 Stinger is equipped with a V-8 engine and a 395 horsepower Hemi; along with dual chrome tipped exhaust and 22 inch wheels. 

    Start the summer off right and come on down to Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram to treat yourself with the all new limited edition Ram 2016 Stinger Yellow 1500 Sport. 
  • It has been spotted! The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk looks like it will be making its way to our roads, but it hasn’t been officially announced. Although, now that it has been spotted, it is believed that the release will be right around the corner.

    The leaked images show us that the Trailhawk looks a lot like the 2013 Special Edition model year. It has some aggressive tires and what looks to be some awesome off-road features. The red tow hooks probably match the contrasting interior stitching, add the underbody protection and you’ve got an Trailhawk. 

    Landmark Dodge cannot wait for the FCA to release the official news!

  • Not to be confused with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is one devilishly powerful sport utility vehicle. AutoBlog.com has been stalking the Trackhawk for months, it wasn’t till recently they finally got a good look, and we aren’t disappointed.

    When you get a closer look, you can see the big brakes, the SRT badges, large air intakes, and the lower fascia. The Trackhawk will be anchored by a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi Hellcat V8 with 707 horsepower in the Charger and Challenger Hellcats. With four-wheel drive, the Trackhawk will be unstoppable.

    Landmark Dodge believes that the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk will go on sale in 2017. 

  • The new Chrysler Pacifica features over 100 Mopar accessories including floor mats, running boards, first aid kit and an entertainment system.

    The all-weather floor mats are custom-fit to the floor of the first, second and third row. The mats allow for excellent detainment of material that is brought in by dirty feet and shoes when getting into the vehicle. Mopar also has a stylish cargo mat that fits perfectly behind the third row seats in the Pacifica.

    The rear-seat entertainment system offers a roof-mounted single-screen DVD player. The single screen system offers wireless headphones, but the Uconnect Theater offers many upgrade options. One of the Uconnect Theater options is the dual-screen Blu-ray and DVD entertainment system that allows you to connect compatible smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices to the 10.1-inch touchscreens.

    Mopar offers a mounted bicycle rack for the outdoor enthusiasts. The bike rack attaches to the hitch receiver on the back of the minivan. While attached, the rack can fold away from the vehicle, so you can still access the rear tailgate.

    The Stow N’ Go seating is the best storage system out there. It allows you to stow away items in the second and third rows of seats. It provides the best-in-class cargo without having to remove seats. The Stow N’ Go spaces can also be used as a cooler option.

    For more information on Mopar accessories, contact us at (678) 264-3559.

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