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Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Blog | Dodge News near Atlanta

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  • As the summer bears down upon Atlanta, the sales and support staff here at Landmark Dodge can't think of anything more exciting than giving getting your hands on the wheel of the fastest quarter-mile car in the world. When Dodge was laying the foundation and envisioning what they wanted for this awesome creation, they wanted to create the most powerful muscle car in existence. 

    Remember during elementary school when you felt forced to hold tightly onto your lunch money if the bully came around? The Demon pretty solidly claims its space on the block with prowess. When what you've achieved is a finished product that is officially banned by the NHRA and the fastest 0-60 production car in existence, there is more than good reason to get excited. This dangerously fast devil is even certified by the Guinness World Records as the first ever front-wheel lift in production car, and the absolute highest horsepower V-8 production car engine ever made. 

    The demon is predominantly a high-achieving collection of firsts: among them is being the first-ever factory production car that is designed to run on 100+ high-octane unleaded fuel. Landmark SRT Power Chiller technology is another landmark event: the first-ever liquid-to-air intercooler chiller system in a factory production car. The After-Run Chiller is what keeps the supercharger and the charge air cooler at an optimum temp after the engine is shut off, and the TransBrake system is the first of its kind in use. Three years ago, Dodge made a permanent impression on the high-performance car world with the release of the 707-horsepower Charger SRT Hellcat: they achieved the release of true supercar stats at down-to-Earth prices.

    The upgrades from this to the current Demon are significant: there is now a larger 2.7-liter per rev supercharger, with increased boost pressure to 14.5 PSI. The RPM limits are significantly higher, sitting at 6,500. It is amazing to many that what you have here is a factory-production drag race car with Torque Reserve, and is snarling and mean enough that it comes with the front passenger seat delete option. All of the savvy customers who purchase this bundle of roaring fury receive one full-day session at the Bob Bondurant School of High-performance Driving, which shouldn't surprise anyone who is purchasing the fastest 1/4 mile car on the planet.

    The Demon also has another pretty fantastic feat under its belt: this is the world's first production car ever that lifts the front wheels at launch, and just to claim its fame stoutly, set the world record for longest wheelie from a standing start at 2.92 feet. For a production car, the Demon gets the bragging rights of the highest G-forces ever recorded at launch: 1.8 G. To successfully release this beast that many feel is a sheer miracle to behold, there was intense cooperation among designers and many current drag racers to boot. Just to give you an idea how ready for the strip the Demon is, there are available narrow "front runner" wheels that alleviate front-end weight, and 3,000 vehicles are expected to be released here in the States. Deliveries will commence this fall, and hardcore drag enthusiasts in Atlanta and the entire Southeast should be reverent: this is one game-changing, sinister and muscular ride.

  • 2018 Durango SRT  
    It's undeniably true that SUV's have taken a large and exciting plunge into the future the last 3 years. Sleek hybrids that can haul goods and people with a lot of power, or rip down a trail in the mountains with ease have been the name of the game as of late. When you combine the ability to nudge yourself off the highway and get fully immersed in back country with the ease of running errands on Carnegie Way or Carrol Street, many commuters are eagerly looking over their choices for the coming year. With 7 seats and an engine that will go from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is going to elevate excitement for many consumers when it hits the lot right here at Landmark Dodge. 

    There is 475 horsepower packed into this power-studded SUV, and motorists who have a penchant for the heavy duty truck may be able to strike a bargain with their significant other to meet in the middle on this one. With a massive improvement in the engine, the now-existing 6.5-liter Hemi V8 is much stronger than the previous 5.7 from the 2014+ models. Since other contenders like the Grand Cherokee and Challenger were rumored to be wildly souped-up by next year, it was appropriate that the Durango have the ability to pull some extra weight with its new release. There are new air duct upgrades in the hood for ample cooling, and many aspects of the construction have traits that are very similar to the legendary Charger. 

    When you are as far off the beaten path as you needed to journey to explore, you're going to want a rugged and powerful suspension system. On the 2018 Durango SRT, you have the added support of springs that are 3% tighter than previous releases, and 16% stiffer in the rear, a trait that allows you to whip around the corners with ease. Fans of the Charger exhaust will bask in the overall badassery of the tuned pipes on the new Durango SRT, and there are 7 different driving modes for various elements you encounter while driving in Georgia, or anywhere on the continent. Snow, Tow, Sport and Track modes are available for everyone from the driver that is the true weather warrior, to the business traveler who gets caught in an abrupt DeKalb spring downpour. The knob shifter has been ditched for a T-shifter that breathes a bit more sportiness into the Durango, and all of your passengers will be more than comfy and secure with Nappa leather interior. 

    We, as the #1 Dodge dealer in the Southeast couldn't be more excited to showcase this highly-amped and feature-filled vehicle for our valued customers this spring. Dodge has really upped the ante for those who love speed and off-road exploring, as well as those who are looking at transporting the family around in a world-class and astoundingly solid choice of SUV. Come on down and pay us a visit this month, and test dive this release billed by the best drivers in the nation as a "Nearly-Demonic Delight"! 
  • TrackHawk  
    This year the auto industry has been shaken wildly with the release of some of the fastest and most furious production cars ever made. While many out there that are enduring their daily commutes are looking for cars that are optimum on fuel usage and environmentally-friendly traits, it's obvious that they yearn for sheer adventure. Many drivers right here in Atlanta are allowed generously to daydream about placid mountain peaks and exploring the wild: and this is whre the Jeep brand has always led many to fresh and dream-fulfilling flowing water. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the proud owner of a supercharged V-8, and is the ultimate machine for a citizen who isn't needing as suped-up a rig as some of the hot rod crew demands. 

    The new Trackhawk will reach 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds, and it's amazing that it can do so when other major players in this year's offerings do the same with specs 1000 pounds lighter. There is no electronic governor on the Trackhawk, which rules the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds. When Dodge wowed many with the release of the Challenger SRT Demon this year, they made many in the industry quake in the boots with their much-anticipated limited release. There were many firsts associated with this vehicle, especially within the realms of sheer power, braking system and speed capabilities.

    The Torque Reserve launch-control feature that is found in the Trackhawk is the same that the widget for this function in the SRT Demon has, and it does a great job of pulling weight. The Torque reserve launch-control feature holds the supercharger bypass valve closed while working overtime to cut spark and fuel to specific cylinders: this is what ultimately limits amount of torque before the release of the brake takes place. This supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 has wonderfully forged pistons, heavy-duty bearings, 11.6 PSI blower pushing. If you find yourself in a situation that is in desperate need of tow assistance, this vehicle can drag up to 7200 pounds. 

    The performance catalog released by Mopar states that the Hellcat V-8 engine and supercharger combined weigh 800 pounds, which is notably heavier than the 6.4-liter that is found in the Grand Cherokee SRT. As far as brakes, you're going to want to know that you're covered by a well-engineered set, with two-piece units securely gripped by six-piston caliper that won't let you down in a pinch. Jeep enthusiasts have been waiting for quite some time to have this very powerful Hellcat-driven beast be available, and the time has finally come. Truly a vehicle that is able to conquer any safari, ski trip, or impromptu run out to the nearest lake, there are going to be plenty of ways you can play with this unearthly and supreme beast. Landmark Dodge Morrow is more than excited to show you the many different ways an addition of a Grand Cherokee can conquer the canyon, or vigilantly verify that you have a smooth jaunt to the office. 
  • If anything can be said about Moab, it's that the very rugged and diverse terrain is known to be a proving ground of sorts. Just as speed tests are administered in other parts of the desert, Moab is a location that will push a vehicle to its limits as far as quickness, climbing and "sheer combat" mode.

    Jeep and Mopar have teamed up to create an offering of hot new vehicles that will make their debut at this year's annual Easter Jeep Safari. This is a well-anticipated event that is attended by thousands who love nothing more than off-road thrills, and are looking to spend the week chasing them. Some of the most challenging trails in the world call Moab home, as this is the primo proving ground for off-roading. 


    The Jeep Grand One is a modernized spin on the classic 1993 ZJ. It is being released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Grand Cherokee, and comes with custom 18-inch wheels in lace style. It is more than ready for the test with its 33p-inch mud terrain KM2 tires, and both the front and rear axles are equipped with a 2-inch suspension lift and locking differentials. The interior is fully inspired by the great grunge decade: 1990's features like an old-school car phone reside within.

    The Jeep Safari will have no problem on its 2017 conquest of the varied   Moab terrain. The very family-focused vehicle was constructed with the   objective of giving the backseat passengers a fantastic view during the ride. The concept is a bit like a Wrangler, featuring a two-level aluminum cargo   rack to haul your fishing or camping gear, and LED headlampts to shine through the evening dust you're likely to kick up. The "windoors" are made of lightweight aluminum and clear vinyl, and give the vehicle's entrance  point a great way to jive with the outdoors.

    The Jeep Quicksand was made for enthusiasts who love to drive in the challenging locations such as Moab. It's the true hotrod of the bunch, backed by a Mopar 392 Crate Hemi engine. The concept is quite a bit like a Wrangler's, with a longer wheelbase, highly-trimmed front, and cleverly chopped windshield. There's even a recovery rope in the rear, which takes the place of a drag racer's parachute. Interior features are simple, and this is going to be incredibly well-received at Moab. Tires on the Quicksand are made for the toughest to navigate of surfaces, and you'll notice the boost that the coilover shocks offer for knobby navigation. 


    The Jeep Trailpass does the job of taking over where the Compass Trailhawk left off, and is a vehicle that can provide the most awesome of support for the die-hard offroader. Some of the fine points of the Trailpass are its 1.5-inch lift kit, and 18-inch wheels for increased off-road accessibility. The signature roof basket looks awesome, and the exterior has super cool Gloss Black side mirror caps. Comfortable Katzkin leather seats and armrests are inside for optimum comfort while cruising, and the Trailpass gets its muscle from a 2.4-liter Tigershark engine. 

    Switchback The Jeep Switchback is named appropriately after the treacherous and jaw-dropping trails that provide thrills on Moab's offering of terrain. The combination of Mopar and Jeep performance includes a 4-inch lift, and the absorption capabilities of the Remote Reservoir Fox shocks. The bumpers are signature 10th-anniversary steel, and 17-inch concept wheels will fulfill the need for perfect navigation on Moab's punishing offering. For any situation during any limited amount of sunshine, there are LED headlight and fog lamps, LED tail lamps, and a new-concept LED off-road windshield light bar.

    Originating in 1967, the Moab Easter Safari has now grown into a nine-day-long extravaganza. The majority of trips for those gathered here are day-long trail rides, and many enthusiasts bill this as their one big week out for the year. Seeing the sunset in this world-class location is enough to inspire anyone to pack up and come: we promise after a thrilling dose of trails like this, going home will be the hardest moment of the event.
  • SublimeSport

    At Landmark Dodge Morrow, we always get excited about any news that comes out regarding the truck department. It's awesome to own a vehicle that you can haul with, take out for a healthy dose of mudding, or simply hit the open road with in style. Just in time for the New York Auto Show, Ram rolled out two special and newly-coated versions of the Ram 1500 Sublime Sport, and the Rebel Blue Streak. They are sure to be a big hit when lined up next to the grey, silver, and black vehicles that the masses are scooping up rather quickly. The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport is limited to just 3,000 models this year, and we definitely think that there could be a future demand for more than that: it's a very unique and able truck. It is upgraded to 22-inch black wheels on the models that are two-wheel drive.

    Proud new owners are going to love the decal stripes on the sport performance hood, and the flat black badging makes for a very distinctive look on this new truck. Perfect for a trip that you've been putting off to blast down the Everglades or even explore somewhere wonderful like the Appalachian mountains, you're going to love the way the deluxe-cloth bucket seats feel. The color-matched trim and green embroidered sport logos are going to be an immediate draw to those who love a little extra flair in their truck, and we particularly like how it seems like a slice of heaven for the particularly avid hunter or fisherman.

    The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport package available on Crew Cab models, and starts at $47,135. Once you have your heart set on any Rebel configuration, this alteration will be available on our lots within the next 4 weeks. These models all feature heated high-back bucket seats, with a heated steering wheel as well. It comes with a factory lift, 33-inch all-terrain tires, and Bilstein shocks to assure a smooth ride no matter how rough and tumble the terrain looks. The head grille badge looks great, and the body-side badges are going to appeal right off the bat to anyone who has the constant desire to escape the indoors, and pronto. As the spring months are upon us and the wild beckons with its promise of escape and exploration, tough trucks like the Rebel Blue Streak and Ram 1500 are a pleasure to own for anyone who loves to conquer the side of the mountain in style. 

    This month at Landmark Dodge, we want to personally take the opportunity to make sure that everyone sees just how great these new trucks are. Yeah, we know that you always see tough-numbered hauling machines barrel down the road in black and red, but 2017 buyers are going to love what's in store for them with these additions to the fleet. Dare to expand your horizons a bit in the color sequence, and see just how exciting it can be to drive away with a new vehicle from us. 
  • With all of the various SUV's available on the market, there are tons of options for the pack that loves to rip right up the sides of a mountain or happily "be gone fishing". Jeep offered a rugged, yet viable simplicity that many have missed since the Commandeer was discontinued after 2010. Some thought that the 2010 Commander did not have a good enough fuel economy, and its interior didn't measure up to its competitors. As of late, various enthusiasts have speculated that the Durango may be restyled, and hit the market as a hybrid Jeep of sorts. Fans of Jeeps will be happy to know that there is another feature-loaded model reported to be in the making for 2021.

    It has been said that the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will be constructed as body-on-frame SUV's, similar to vehicles like the Cadillac Escalade. Infiniti QX80s and Lincoln Navigators have made many drivers happy with their lavish leather interiors, and tendency to handle just like powerful trucks. The finished package that the Wagoneer will possess is going to be a bit shorter, much like the Navigator and the Escalade. The Grand Wagoneer in development will go head to head with the Escalade ESV and the Navigator L, for longer hauls and sizable durability. While SUV's have become so souped-up modern, there's nothing like the namesake of a Jeep to instill excitement: these were truly the original mountain climbing machines.

    Reportedly, the strong and sturdy next-gen Ram pickup will be the model for the new Wagoneer's underpinnings, with similar air springs as well. As far as the engine, a 3.6 liter Pentastar V-6 is a possibility for the smaller models, and the 6.4-liter Hemi V8 could be seen on the souped-up versions. The issue of potentially being powered by diesel is an unsure one: the EPA may be checking into some ways in which the construction doesn't quite meet their standards. Since the vehicle as a whole is in the pre-production stage currently, it could be a bit too far ahead of time to know how the chips may fall.

    Jeeps have long been known as the quintessential off-road vehicle. Even though some late releases of the Wrangler were deemed "gawky", the line as a whole always dishes out so much inspiration. It's highly likely that when this product line finishes the development stage, there will be enough viable meat and potatoes to solidly turn heads. Right here at Landmark Dodge, we're going to be very excited about all of the options available this year. We admit we are a bit more anxious than some about these future Wagoneer developments: there's nothing like the promise of a star-studded vehicle engineered for outdoor fun to get our feet tapping! 
  • 2017 Ram Laramie Longhorn  
    Any driver out there who loves to haul, dump, move and conquer other elements within their environment is going to be excited about the Ram Laramie Longhorn truck. It has definitely been known as the standard for the higher-end and trusty pickup to use, and a few days ago at the Dallas Auto Show, they unveiled a brand new, appealing exterior shade for the heavy-duty truck brand.

    The walnut brown color will surely be a hit with those shopping for their truck of choice, and if you are sitting on a fresh tax refund or just embarked on a new career, there's no better way to celebrate than by owning one! The makes come in 1500, 2500 and 3500 red hot models, and it is one super-charged machine that has more than 30,000 pounds of trailering capability. This makes it a prime choice for needing to lug an RV or camper for some valuable R & R at the nearest lake, or escape everything office-related for the weekend. 

    This tough-as nails truck is expertly layered with the best in southwestern design elements, and the comfortable seating found inside is made from premium Cattle Tan leather, and Black or Canyon Brown stitching that you can opt for with or without premium filigrees. Each front seat has the option to heat or cool for comfort, and the rears have the ability to heat you up when brisk mornings hit the metro. Chrome belt moldings are a part of the attractive front end for these trusty trucks, and the very useful rain-sensing wipers will add to your safety on the side of the mountain, or if you are caught deep in Decatur traffic during a downpour.

    Your oncoming summer may involve a hefty remodel, concrete work, or simply fulfilling your promise to yourself to get out and enjoy fishing or camping more. You should encounter minimal problems along the way, while brandishing a 6.4-liter HEMI V-8, with a topping out of towing capacity at 16,320 lbs. The Heavy Duty Longhorn and Limited 4x4 models come equipped with Bilstein monotube shocks, which will enable you to not have to be nimble when it comes to driving over harsh terrain. When you choose to go with the coveted Ram line of trucks, you are getting a vehicle that often beats the competition as far as lasting the longest, handling and suspension, fuel economy, gas towing and snow plow rating. 

    At Landmark Dodge, we understand how demanding the needs of truck buyers are. You are not in a position to have a vehicle that is weak or unreliable in the least, and the Ram line prides themselves on a promise to be durable and tough. The coming month will be the perfect time to see just how awesome and powerful this truck is, and to check it out for yourself. If you're looking for more horsepower, longevity and muscle in your truck, don't hesitate and come see us on the lot today! 
  • Mountain View

    You have the power turn a road trip into an incredible journey in the new 2017 Dodge Journey. Atlanta drivers it’s time to pack up and head out for a weekend road trip this Spring! With the 2017 Dodge Journey you will have the performance, technology, storage, and safety to take you anywhere you want to go!

    The 2017 Dodge Journey is built to grow with your family and with 67 cubic feet of cargo space you will have enough room for any adventure life takes you on. While getting to your destination let your kids explore the virtual world. With innovative technology features, such as USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity your kids will be entertained the whole way. It also designed to keep you and your family safe; standard features include ParkView® Rear back up Camera, advanced brake system, and electronic stability control.

    Stop by or visit us, Landmark Dodge, today at: http://bit.ly/2nMuR72

  • Mountain View

    Atlanta Dodge Chargers and Challenger fans, you just got a boost of power with the new Dynamics Package. This package will only be available on the 2017 Doge Challenger and Charger Scat Pack models. 

    The Dynamics Package will add bold high-performance tires, enhanced braking power, and aggressive performance enhancements. It will come equipped with advanced Brembo (insert R) brakes. These high-performance brakes will be the largest front brake package ever in a FCA US vehicle, with 15.4-inch two-piece rotors and six-piston calipers at the front and 13.8-inch rotors and four-piston calipers on the back. It doesn’t stop at the brakes and rotors either; you are also offered bold, wider wheels. It comes equipped with 20X9.5-inch “Slingshot” seven-spoke, lightweight forged-aluminum wheels with matte black finish. To finish this package off you will get Pirelli P Zero Nero 275/40ZR20 performance tires. This package will give you the optimal performance all race enthusiast are looking for all season.

    All Atlanta gearheads and speed enthusiasts get ready because this package will be available this month. Stop by or visit  landmarkdodge.com  for more information.

  • The Jeep Brand Goes Global!

    Wednesday, March 15, 2017
    Mountain View

    The Jeep brand is going global! The Jeep brand will start expanding globally with the launch of the 2017 Jeep Compass. The Compass will be manufactured in 4 plants across the world with 17 different powertrain combination to meet the demand and need of each market. 

    The 2017 Jeep Compass’s design and performance will represent the core essences of the brand: strength and adventure! This vehicle is sized to hit the “sweet spot” for all Atlanta Jeep drivers, it is between the Jeep Renegade and the mid-sized Jeep Cherokee. The Compass will be the best of both worlds; it’s comfortable for the open road and with its best in class 4X4 capabilities the Compass is ready for action on any rough terrain. 

    The 2017 Jeep Compass is almost ready for action and adventure! It will be hitting our dealership soon! In the meantime, stop by Landmark Dodge to check our current lineup of Jeeps! http://bit.ly/2m0sLjV

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