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  • Have you ever wondered how the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica manages to provide such a smooth and quiet ride? Thanks to FCA engineers, we have those answers for you. 

    “The Pacifica has five reinforcement rings, strategically placed from front to back, that circle the vehicle’s lateral circumference,” stated FCA US engineer Jeff Tibbenham, who is responsible for the body structure of the vehicles. “These rings work together to minimize the effects of deflection caused by uneven roads.” 

    Deflection, which is a product of torsion, describes the twisting effect of rough roads on a vehicle’s body. The result? Annoying squeaks and rattles that steady minivan buyers are all too familiar with. Excessive torsion also sometimes induces handling hiccups but these, too, are diminished by the Pacifica’s innovative (and truly impressive) design. 

    “We have really raised the bar on the ride and handling,” Tibbenham told the International Automotive Body Congress. 

    Yes, Mr. Tibbenham, you have. 

    To check out this IIHS Top Safety Pick Pacifica for yourself (and your family) be sure to stop by Landmark Dodge in Atlanta and give it a test drive!