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Atlanta has many landmarks that make it a truly one-of-a-kind city, and this is a time of year when the metro area is really jumping at its best. If you feel that summer is beginning to truly slip away, there are more than a small handful of great things to see and do before the sun-laden season comes to an end. Blind Willies' is one place that you'll love to frequent with your friends after work. Named after blues legend Blind Willie McTell, it is a bit reminiscent of a New Orleans style joint, and will be an excellent staple for you to create many smooth and starry after-dark memories. What's even better news is that right here at Landmark, there are fantastic and souped-up models such as the Challenger to get you to your favorite Atlanta celebration spot in style.



The J.D. Power APEAL study is now in its 22nd year, and was developed to provide an accurate measurement of how gratifying customers feel a new vehicle is to own and drive. 77 vehicle qualities of brand-new models are scrutinized closely, and customers are surveyed just after the 3rd month of ownership. The vehicles that far the best are the ones that will have the greatest amount of owner loyalty in the long run, and have the ability to command the highest price.

The Dodge Challenger was ranked the highest in the Midsize Sporty Car Segment of the study, and it was the fifth time in just seven years that it was #1. When people step onto the lot, they immediately are blown away by what is the most powerful muscle car in existence, equipped with a Pentastar V-6 engine, and TorqueFlite 8-speed transmission. Good for an estimated 30 MPG on the highway, the Bully-on-the-block Challenger delivers 305 horsepower, and comes with your choice of 8-speed or six-speed manual transmission. The 392 Hemi option delivers an astonishing 485 horsepower, the most available for any U.S. -built car costing less than $40,000.

One of the coolest features on the Challenger is for changing weather conditions: if the temperature dips into the frigid zone, the propshaft is engaged by the clutch, which sends up to 38 percent of the available torque to the front axle. Car and Driver Magazine attests to the fact that “if one desires, well-controlled slides can be performed”, and boasted that the GT offers a degree of four-season performance capability that you can't get from Ford and Chevy competitors. Making it through the quarter-mile in 14.8 seconds, this is one seriously fun and

fast car, and drivers all over the nation are falling in love with just how fast you can begin to completely dominate the street in one of these proven and husky powerhouses.

We recognize that there may be some out there who claim that this does not have the ability to be a muscle car without a true V-8, and that it does not just have the same roar. But think practically about this for a minute: it's the perfect “gateway drug” for someone who may have once felt compelled to stay limited to a sedan, and it can let you experience the fury of a dragster at a bit of an entry-point.

Come talk to us soon to check out the new active exhaust system, wider wheels, high-performance tires, and cold-air induction components. If you opt for a Hellcat, you're wandering pleasantly and hungrily into V-8 territory, and riding in the SRT 392 provides your ride with adaptive damping suspension. Everyone we talk to is definitely into the notion of keeping the summer around just as long as we can, and cooking up the fresh asphalt with a brand new Challenger is going to raise your heart rate more-than-healthily.

Landmark Late Summer Scoop: Strategic Vision's 23rd Annual Quality Impact Awards

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Every morning when we begin our day at the dealership and look out at the lot in beautiful Atlanta, we are reminded of just how much we love cars. There's so much to love: sedans, mini vans, hefty trucks, and new and economical crossover SUV's. For each buyer out there, we can recommend the perfect type of vehicle for your commute, or the ultimate machine to use on the weekends during your precious playtime.


Over the past month, we had another reason for mounting excitement as we began our workdays: the results of the Strategic Vision's 23rd Annual TQI Report. A comprehensive survey of more than 42,000 new vehicle buyers who purchased vehicles from July through December of last year. Tapping directly into the actual emotions of the buyer and any maintenance problems they may incur, it's fair to say that it is a valuable form of consumer data measurement. Vehicles are scored based on reliability, actual problems, excitement level before driving, and other collective measures that occur with the sum of all these traits.


The Chrysler Pacifica brought home first place in “Total quality among minivans”, and the Dodge Charger snagged up the win for “Total quality in Full-Size Car Segment”. This was notably the Charger's third win in just four years, and we have to admit that many are obsessed with “The world's only 4-door muscle car”. The Dodge Durango leads the Mid-Size SUV Segment in total quality, and has also had four awards claims in the last five years alone. The Jeep Wrangler was named the best-in-class Entry SUV, as Strategic Vision realized just how versatile and technically-loaded that this class of crossovers has become.


The Chrysler Pacifica was hailed for reinventing the minivan segment from head to toe, and possessing the outspoken styling that customers were looking for from the get go. The Pacifica delivers head-of-the-class leading gasoline and hybrid powertrains to their perfectly introductory levels in the minivan genre. The most awarded minivan of the year, it has staked quite a lofty claim within the auto realm as of late.


The Dodge Charger has rear-wheel-drive architecture that enables the latest technology to propel this lightening-fast raptor of a ride, and builds amazingly on Dodge's promise to crank out the best in American-performance models. The Charger Daytona series delivers more performance, with inspirational styling that are driven by heritage. Having a 392-liter Hemi doesn't hurt, and you'll feel as if you are truly making high-powered memories every time you turn on the ignition. With the available Hellcat V8 Engine and advanced all-wheel drive, this is one model that truly brings drag-level excitement to your everyday to-do list. Automatically deactivating four cylinders when 8 are not necessary, the Charger has many ways in which it fully dominates the landscape of current car offerings.


The 2017 Durango has an unparalleled blend of utility, very advanced technology, and heavy-duty towing ability, making it a leader and great choice for anyone needing a hefty job done quick. This vehicle features Engine-Stop-Start technology, which lowers emissions in the long run, and works overtime to save fuel. The new Durango model offers consumers more than 60 available features for safety and security, and is powered by a very trusty and able 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine. One of the coolest features on it is the standard all-speed traction control and electronic stability control, which lay the groundwork to improve vehicle handling, and up the ante on the final performance specs.


The 2017 Jeep Wrangler is undoubtedly one of the most capable and well-known vehicles in the world, truly allowing you to conquer any terrain. Once thought of as the go-to vehicle for desert landscapes and crossing through treacherous mountain rivers, it is also a great choice for someone who just wants to rekindle their vibe with the daily commute. An upstanding five-link suspension system, live axles, electronic lockers, and six-speed manual transmission are all reasons why owners have much love for the Wrangler. With features like 18-inch wheels and removable doors, visiting your favorite lake or forest venue is going to be that much better when navigating from this precision and performance focused jeep!

It is now one of the most favored seasons to drive in Atlanta: that pavement might get scorching hot, but later sunsets, blue skies, and outdoor summer activities are the nam of the summer driving game. We love to stand behind a brand of auto that is consistently ranking high for performance, safety, and all-around customer appeal. This past year, every single one of the Chrysler brands posted year-over-year initial quality score improvements in the J.D. Power 2017 Initial Study. This is based on responses from nearly 80,000 who purchased or leased these supremely-ranked vehicles, and were surveyed after just three months of ownership.


The customers surveyed are asked about any issues they have with the design of the vehicle, as well as anything they feel are defects. It's no surprise that the Ram Truk is the industry's most improved truck brand, with more than a 24 percent improvement from last year. Known globally for being the longest-lasting, the Ram 1500 dishes up the features that many truck owners want. Best-in-class fuel efficiency at 29 miles per galon, the Ram also sports a very elusive and powerful EcoDiesel V-6 engine. Handling style that is a class leader, as well as the unique link-coil rear suspension are a few of the characteristics that help with the Ram's immense popularity and customer satisfaction level.

The Chrysler Pacifica was the highest-ranking minivan in quality study for its first year, and greatly wowed those who surveyed about it. Basicallly re-inventing the minivan with a thunder and lightening revolutionary approach, it offers an unprecedented level of functionality, versatility, technology and very bold styling. There are more than 100 available safety and security features for this vehicle, and a large array of technologies that provide comfort and convenience. No compromises were made in its construction, and it is one of the most amazing and feature filled family vehicles in existence today.

The Dodge Challegner ranked second in initial quality for respective segments in the survey, as those hungry for speed fall in love over and over again with the most pwerful muscle car ever. It has a snarkling yet efficient Penstar V-6 engine, and TorqueFlite 8-speed transmission. It offers up 305 horsepower, and gets an amazing 30 miles per gallon on the highway. It has the ability to deliver up to 375 horsepower when given the 5.7-liter HEMI option, paired with either the 8-speed or 6-speed manual transmission. Available features include a new active exhaust system, ultra-wide wheels, performance tires, and cold-air inductino components, all adding to what is an ultra powerful appealing product laced with high-octane performance.

You can check out how awesome all of these vehicles are and ask us about which we think would be right for you. If you are a busy commuter, someone who is an active athlete or contractor with the need for a lot of muscle and pull, we've got the solution to whatever challenges you are facing. There is a new, used, and commercial inventory here that will fuel your desire to get linked up with your dream car, and we will take unprecedented pride in guiding you through the process! 

This July, everyone here at the Landmark dealership as well as many avid worldwide fans heralded the most recent nod to the Jeep Wrangler: it has officially earned the top spot on's "American-Made Index," which hails its personal favorites every year. The Jeep Cherokee ranked second among all vehicles, and executive editor Joe Wisenfelder had a few stand-out reasons of his own for the selection.

Touting the ways in which the Jeep brand helped the allies win World War II, he cited the strong American credentials associated with the namesake. As we just celebrated the most patriotic holiday of all, our favorite picks in the Jeep world are trusty transportation companions to have by our sides. As family events take over our schedules, and fireworks took over the night skies, a sense of patriotic pride always is noticeable during this special time.

Vehicles were evaluated on five key criteria to take the cake for this All-American claim: assembly location, content of domestic parts, the country of the engine's origin, and U.S. Factory employment. The Wrangler's domestic parts content was deemed at the top of the charts for the highest figures observed in this year's index ratio: the 2-door scored at 74 percent, and the 4-door at 75 percent.

Assembly takes place in Toledo, Ohio, a popular family destination with one of the top minor-league baseball stadiums in the nation. From Atlanta, day trips such as Barnsley Gardens Resort and Lake Lanier are perfect jaunts to check out from behind the wheel of a Jeep during the summer. 

The current Wrangler model features an 8-speaker audio system, and an optional 9-speaker Premium Alpine Audio Packag

e: this includes a boomin' subwoofer, as well as a 552-watt amplifier to properly add punch to the system. It's four-wheel drive capacities are legendary, and it is produced with more than 7 decades of 4x4 engineering expertise. The popular body-on-frame design, front and rear five-link suspension system, electronic lockers, and live axles have been winning drivers over for years, and the Jeep line is absolutely a top-rated choice to take on any open road journey of discovery in the U.S.

We are so proud every day to represent such an authentic brand: new and existing customers are constantly invited to complete extraordinary journeys, and pack their favorite gear (or favorite passengers!) along with them to be included. From blood red sunsets to early mornings in raging creeks, driving a Jeep off into the Wilderness is a sensation many always wanted to replicate after doing it just once.

Jeeps are a practical and punchy around-town ride as well: we have closely been paying attention to what consumers are looking for to triumph their daily commute. Being billed as entirely All-American was no surprise to all of us here on the lot at Landmark: we are as proud to provide sales and service for such a brand as any flag-waving veteran, or anyone from vast and faraway places now making a move to call America home.



The Ram Truck brand has long been a popular namesake, and the luxury factor has just been taken to the next level. An amazing and brand new 2018 Ram Limited Tungsten Edition offers up an enchanced interior and exterior trim, which perfectly complements Ram's domination in truck design and luxury features. The Limited Tungsten Edition is the highest trim level Ram has made available, and an example of how Ram directly responds to customer input by offering the absolute most luxurious pickup in the industry. Any premium truck buyer is going to immediately recognize the attention to detail, and enjoy the immense quality of the materials inside.

Building on the very popular limited trim with the ante being upped in the sophistication department, one addition you're gonna love is the truck segment-first Light Greystone suede headliner, as well as the ultra-premium "Natura Plus" Frost. Indigo-colored premium leather is also present throughout the cabin, including the instrument panel, seats, steering wheel, center arm rest, and doors. Tungsten models also feature Indigo-colored carpet, with rubber floormats and snap-out Frost and Indigo carpet inserts. Components that are made with real wood, and unique badges are the well-rounded finishing touches of the first-tier rim.


The Halo trim is a Tungsten Chrome grille sporting extra large RAM lettering, and bears close resemblance to the limited. You'll be excited to check out the sport hood that comes with the Tungsten Edition, as well as body-color matched bumpers, mirrors, door handles, and running boards. Ram Tungsten is also equipped with the luxurious features of air suspension, navigational radio, remote start, backup camera, power adjustable pedals with memory, a heated steering wheel, front ventilated seats, heated rear seats, and RamBox. In-vehicle entertainment options abound with the standard 8.4" Uconnect radio, which allows you the access for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sirius XM Guardian.


Hitting the lots during the third quarter of the year, the Ram Limited Tungsten trim will be available on the Ram 1500, 2500 as well as the 3500 single-and dual rear-wheel. You'll also be able to snag it up on the Crew Cab and Heavy Duty Mega Cab, 4WD, two-wheel drive, and both long and short wheelbase models. Buyers with more affluent tastes know that the newest generation of luxury pickup trucks like the Ram Limited Tungsten offer up many of the features that are found in premium-priced cars and SUVs, but also provide a loyal means hard-working potential that no sedan can come close to.


Known as a very rare metal and one of the most resiliant elements found in nature, Tungsten is a fitting word to describe the highest level of trim now available on the Ram. Since the launch of the RAM Truck brand as a stand-alone division 8 years ago, it has grown amazingly into an industry leader, and provider of the massively long-lasting and durable line of pickups. It won't take long for you to pinpoint all of the reasons that this truck has the highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup, and experience for yourself just how exciting it is to use the Best-In-Class on a daily basis.


Navigating Atlanta’s busy way of life with a family in tow requires a vehicle that is trusty, reliable, and up to the job on a daily basis. Looking for a family car or minivan that is perfect means that it has to surpass even a Grade-A rating from the general consumer population, and this is absolutely what the new Pacifica has done. For the 10th year in a row, the best experts in the business from Parents Magazine as well as Edmunds thoroughly examined hundreds of vehicles, eager to whittle down the best in a top ten list. Why is the Pacifica on the list? It has dramatically reinvented the minivan genre, with an unmatched level of functionality, technology features, and modern styling.


There are more than 100 available safety and security features to make you feel under the guise of complete protection while driving, and the all-new Uconnect Theater rear-seat entertainment system will do the job well of keeping all passengers occupied. Being very well-known in the world of high-end audio, Harman Kardon has paired its master knowledge with the Uconnect brand to provide a very powerful and clear sound persona. With single and dual-screen options as well as wireless headphones, the options are limitless to use while you landmark the miles slipping away behind you.


Everyone here on the lot and in the service bays knows that this vehicle really took a magnificent leap forward with its very exclusive and innovative hybrid powertrain. The Pacifica is the first electrified minivan in existence, and yields a startling 84 miles per gallon in electric-only mode, and bragging rights to 22 miles of all-electric range. The developments and fantastic level of achievement that the Pacifica heralds took a great amount of time and effort, and we are thrilled that the vehicle is ranking so high with experts such as Parents Magazine and Edmunds, Inc.


Edmunds, Inc. is one of the web’s leading portals with a vast amount of car information knowledge, and they help millions of visitors each month find the car that is optimal for their needs. Their very in-depth reviews and shopping tips make them a very unbiased authority, and they have a satellite office in Detroit, where a majority of the planning on plotting for new models goes down. The Meredith Parents Network is a very successful collection of parenting brands that target millennial women. With a social reach of more than 11 million unique monthly visitors, they provide a multitude of useful information for consumers looking to buy the safest products they can get their hands on.


We've enjoyed serving the Atlanta metro area for years now, and are eager to show you just how many different ways owning a vehicle like the Pacifica can help with your day to day errands, busy lifestyle, and ultimate to-do-list. You're going to be amazed by the mileage capabilities and all-around practicality of it: stop in and see the new improvements and features the brand-new Pacifica sports. we only expect it to rack up more and more monumental awards and mentions, and now is the time to see about getting one for yourself!


As things heat up in the streets and on race tracks nationwide, there has been one dazzling and dangerous addition to the auto world that will continue to excite and tempt anyone with a true penchant for speed. The Dodge Challenger Demon is a supercharged, 6.2-liter with a HEMI V-8 and Powertrain, and it is constructed with aluminum alloy heads, as well as a revolutionary hemispherical combustion chamber. For output, you are looking at 840 bhp (626 KW) @ 6,300 RPM, 770 lb.-ft. @4,500 RPM, with Direct Connection Controller and unleaded 100 octane minimum fuel.


The cylinder heads on the demon are machined on dedicated Demon/Hellcat CNC creation stations, and the engine block is expertly deck plate honed to minimize bore distortion. Every single Demon and Hellcat engine is dyno tested for 42 minutes under a massive load up to 5,200 rpm, before being shipped for further assembly in Brampton, Ontario. There is a very high flow, low restriction inlet system, designed to deliver cool air into the supercharger on the Demon, and a very large 45.2 “ functional hood scoop opening as well as triple-inlet air box.


Speaking of keeping the Demon cool, the SRT Power Chiller redirects air conditioning refrigerant from cabin to chiller unit, and reduces charge air temperature by a whopping 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some stats on the engine itself, which is the driving force behind the raw power and muscle behind the Demon’s ability to pick up quick off the line:


·Forged alloy steel crankshaft with revised balancing and 90.9 MM stroke

·Induction-hardened crank bearing surfaces

·Forged high-strength alloy pistons; 30-micron increased piston to bore clearance

·Connecting rods are powder forged, with revised ultra-high tensile fasteners

·Flow doubled on piston cooling oil jets

·Revised design valve springs

·33 percent increase in oiling for rocker tips as well as valve springs – cooling and lubrication

·Stability is improved with single-groove collets on valve stems

·Pressure of fuel injector is increased by 27 percent

·Oil pan and windage tray are optimized for high acceleration, and tested astutely up to 1.8 G


We're not going to deny that many people love to race in Atlanta, whether on or off the track, and the Demon V-8 has many amazing facts that make it so great. During a quarter-mile run, the Demon V-8 ingests 173 cubic feet of air. Just to give you an idea of how much that is, it's the lung capacity of 816 humans! 800 feet into a quarter-mile strut, the Demon would literally empty all of the air in the cabin of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – taking up 105 cubic feet. The cooling system in this very alluring beast hastily rejects 258 KW of heat at rated power, that would boil 1 quart of water at room temperature in 1.2 seconds. The heat rejected is equal to what 250 electric toasters would emit.

During each power stroke, piston and connecting rod are loaded with 11 sheer tons of force, which is equivalent to 5 2018 Demons themselves. The driveline sees 11,164 lb-ft of ring gear torque during launch, and this results in a total 1.8 g launch. More than 1 ton is transferred from front to rear wheels during launch, and this is one mean streak of a dragster from America's most recognizable and able performance brand. It is a very limited-edition machine, but we want you to come check it out on our floor, and see just how exciting it is. The heavier the dose of lead in your foot the better: this is an improvement on the Challenger's best assets that has been a long time coming. 


There is now another great reason to enthusiastically own the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: The Greater Atlanta Automotive Media Association (GAAMA) honored the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with overall Best Family Car, and Best Technology Car. GAAMA Members evaluated various manufacturers’ vehicles, covering various categories for car buyers with families to keep in mind. Vehicles were scored after enjoying incredible vistas while driving scenic routes at the Lake Lanier Islands Resort, and Conference Center in Buford, GA.


The Chrysler Pacifica was named the Best 3-Row Family car, and the 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 won accolades as the Best Family Pickup Truck, the 2nd year in a row it has received this honor. Minivan functionality has never been better, and the Chrysler Pacifica offers incredibly bold styling, the best in technology, and functionality that you’ll enjoy even if you’re flying solo with a family in tow. The new model has been completely re-engineered, and has an incredibly modern method of delivering gasoline and hybrid powertrains to the minivan genre. More than 100 available safety and security features will put your mind at ease in a major way during your next drive, and you’ll have high-tech eyes on the road preventing any mishaps.


One thing we know that you’ll love about the Pacifica hybrid is that it truly takes the vehicle’s prowess a step further, with its innovative and advanced hybrid powertrain. It is the first vehicle in the minivan category that is electrified, and you can lay down a startling 84 MPG equivalent while in electric-only mode, and 33 miles with the use of all-electric range. From the Botanical Gardens to a fun night out catching the Braves, we are always going to be very proud of what a great time you can have in our city of Atlanta. Having a minivan that you can have complete confidence in when it comes to the long haul is key, and you don't want to spend summer with a vehicle that does not provide ample space or safety features.


Some of the things everyone here on our staff love about this car are the nicely-sculpted body, very cool LED lighting, and available 20-inch aluminum wheels, offering enhanced style and maneuverability. From luxurious Nappa leather trim to seating capability for 8 passengers, its ability to get you around in comfort will ease the commute so much, you'll hardly realize you're driving. It's no surprise that the Pacifica has the highest rating for safety in its class: attributes like the modern Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking provide you audible and visual warnings, as well as even applying the brakes if needed.


The available ParkSense Rear Park Assist system with stop is ingeniously created with sensors in the front and rear, that provide extra help with cues preventing you from backing right into an obstacle. Class Exclusive Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist System team up to do the job of controlling the steering for you, while you follow on-screen direction for the positioning of gears, brakes, and the all-important rate of acceleration. When you come to pay us a visit at Landmark Dodge, make sure that you ask us about Adaptive Cruise Control: it uses sensors to maintain the safest distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, and is another reason why this minivan rocks in its many aspects of poised protection.


Dodge really wanted to go to town and fight the good fight for savvy auto consumers with their 3-row Charger SUV. In conjunction with the unveiling of the bully-on-the-block Challenger SRT Demon two months ago, the iconic brand used the Chicago Auto Show to introduce a souped-up and appealing SRT breed of their full-sized Durango. Right here in Atlanta, we are taking some time to revel in the goods that w ere unveiled in the Windy City during April, and taking notice of what is likely the most powerful and fastest 3-row vehicle in the current running. With 392-cubic inch Hemi V-8 power under the hood, you get to dip into a stored source of 475 horsepower.


Delivered up at 6,000 RPM and 470 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 RPM, this is a fantastic option for a family vehicle that goes from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds. Conquering the quarter-mile feat goes down in right at 13 seconds, courtesy of tenacious testers from the National Hot Rod Association certification. All indicators can quickly can lead you to the conclusion that this leaves competitors like the Chevy Tahoe far, far behind, in the land slightly less desirable for speed hounds.


This able and ready vehicle will go on sale in the Atlanta metro this fall, and sports a very aggressive, bold look which shows its very close relationship as well as likeness to the Charger and Challenger. A lucky handful of very proud dragsters in Atlanta will no doubt find their way around to the abundant personal joys of owning the Demon, which is so strip-ready that it doesn’t even come (in most cases) with a passenger seat. The idea to make it recognizable on the spot as a typical modern Dodge comes into play immediately when you see the telltale lights, characteristic grille-opening, and the new heat extractors skillfully added within the SRT hood.


We can bet that whether you are cruising anywhere in the metro from Ashford Creek Way to Washington Heights Terrace, you’re gonna distinctly love the new exhaust system. It’s tuned meticulously to sound like a Charger SRT, primed and personalized with a 2.75-inch dual exhaust. The speedometer goes to 180 MPH, and many family SUV owners are thrilled by this striking sign of ability to maintain more than a healthy cruising pace.


The head of design himself is claiming that this new SRT is in all ways a successful attempt at creating a three-row Charger, and is proud of the realistic shifter within instead of a “silly knob”. An active dampening system improves the quality of the ride, and the current suspension has added stiffness of 3 percent in the front springs, as well as 16 percent in the rear. Come by and visit us at Landmark to see how you can claim ownership to this 5,510 –lb vehicle that will do the rugged duty of towing 8,000 lbs! Lugging a boat up a hill will be a cinch with this powerful V-8, and the new Durango will be the medium that will have you “making the lake” with sheer ease.


Just last week, the "Flying Pics" video made its debut across digital media channels, providing an excellent means to showcase the Chrysler brand's dashing and brand new 2017 Pacifica Hybrid. Scores of drivers had been waiting quite some time for this release, that allows the family-and-friend toting individual to do so in style, while saving energy at the same time. This powerful delivery in the auto world offers a very easy and efficient driving experience, providing 33 miles of all-electric range, while a grand total of 566 miles range all together. It proudly flaunts an 84 mile-per-gallon equivalent, which is achieved in electric-only mode.


The previous video shows us a family that is trying out the Pacifica for the very first time, with a host of sorts showing them the illustrious ropes. Many memes and stories have commented on just how fantastically strange it would be if pigs could fly, and this is the event that the family checking out the minivan gets to witness. The newer video is inspired by a fairy tale, and thrillingly provides a few scary elements that are a bit like the "Sleepy Hollow" movie of days past. The emergency braking system is really what is highlighted here during the video, portraying the security you can rely on with this new minivan model. If you happen to be going on a very long jaunt, you don't have to worry about cargo: the space remains fairly un-compromised, with the 16-kwh battery pack stored in the second-row floor.


One of the most exciting things about this vehicle is regarding the federal tax credit: the buyer qualifies for a full $7,500 federal tax credit, and may qualify for additional state and local incentives to boot. This useful and revolutionary vehicle has been engineered from the ground up and provided an all-new platform for class-reading ride, handling, and reduction of annoying vibration and harshness. When you read about Global Warming, it becomes evident that it is a dangerous condition that everyone would like to combine their efforts to curtail in any amount. Since 1880, average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees, and this is enough to worry any of the Earth's inquisitive inhabitants.


This all-new Pacifica is not only loaded with features, it also delivers a 31-percent reduction in Global Warming Potential, which is compared with minivans from previous generations. You can view the "Flying Pigs" video on the Chrysler Brand's official Youtube page, in addition to channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the Pacifica, you also enjoy access to a smartphone app that delivers relevant vehicle information like the status of a change and your schedule, and you are also able to pay attention to an efficiency coach that guides you with driving step-by-step. This is going to be an event in the auto industry that kids as well as adults will be thrilled to see, and this short commercial is a great way of showcasing the Pacifica and the ways in which it can help you and those you're toting around keep it easy on the wear and tear of the planet.

If there is anything that nearly every resident in the region can agree on, it's that Atlanta is a very busy metro area. Home to Fortune 500 companies and the airport that is most years ranked the busiest in the world, we are no strangers to having a full day planner. When your to-do list seems to grow big enough that it feels like you will never tackle every last item, it can be very rewarding to at least have a minivan that you can trust heartily in tow. To select the minivan in it's “Best” category,  Popular Mechanics   gleaned from the brand that we have enjoyed every minute of building our business around: the well-trusted and engineered Chrysler. 

2017 Chrysler Pacifica

The sleek and characteristically low-slung appearance of the Pacifica

was what really won the judges over, as well as the fact that there was an addition of a hybrid model within the product line. Spacious and quiet were two attributes that passengers and drivers really wanted to experience when driving a new minivan, and the fact that it once used to be an SUV is a high-selling point for those that love a vehicle capable of conquering the wild. The illustrious style and multiple tech features are what really puts the Pacifica in a high class among minivans on the market: this is an offering that the driver can use the latest gadgets for to their advantage. Also becoming a finalist for North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, it goes well beyond what most other minivans on the market offer: you'll love the built-in vacuum and awesome gas mileage.

As prices are slated to inch up a bit over the coming year, this is one vehicle that you will feel confident purchasing as you keep your eye on the pump. One thing that really ups the ante as a cool feature is second-row seats that fold into the floor, and can also be moved to access the third row if a child's seat is added to your traveling mix. The plug-in hybrid model allows for 33-mile driving range, and the peace of mind that you are doing your part for a healthy and flourishing environment. This classy minivan comes equipped with a 287-horsepower V6 engine, and a driver's seat with awesome power to allow for the ultimate in adjustment.

The Uconnect infotainment system, 5-inch touch screen, voice command recognition, USB port, and six-speaker stereo are going to make the time you spend in the vehicle just that much better, and any long miles you tackle will be a pleasure with these amenities at your fingertips. Uconnect Access gives the driver the ability to unlock and start your car with your smartphone, a great feature for the times when you are in a big hurry. The standard equipment included with this awesome Chrysler release as well as the high ranking in Popular Mechanics give us reason to be excited about having them in stock on the lot. Come check out the coolest way to transport you and your family around Atlanta this year, and see why the Chrysler Pacifica is proper all-around in the most important categories.

As the summer bears down upon Atlanta, the sales and support staff here at Landmark Dodge can't think of anything more exciting than giving getting your hands on the wheel of the fastest quarter-mile car in the world. When Dodge was laying the foundation and envisioning what they wanted for this awesome creation, they wanted to create the most powerful muscle car in existence. 



Remember during elementary school when you felt forced to hold tightly onto your lunch money if the bully came around? The Demon pretty solidly claims its space on the block with prowess. When what you've achieved is a finished product that is officially banned by the NHRA and the fastest 0-60 production car in existence, there is more than good reason to get excited. This dangerously fast devil is even certified by the Guinness World Records as the first ever front-wheel lift in production car, and the absolute highest horsepower V-8 production car engine ever made. 



The demon is predominantly a high-achieving collection of firsts: among them is being the first-ever factory production car that is designed to run on 100+ high-octane unleaded fuel. Landmark SRT Power Chiller technology is another landmark event: the first-ever liquid-to-air intercooler chiller system in a factory production car. The After-Run Chiller is what keeps the supercharger and the charge air cooler at an optimum temp after the engine is shut off, and the TransBrake system is the first of its kind in use. Three years ago, Dodge made a permanent impression on the high-performance car world with the release of the 707-horsepower Charger SRT Hellcat: they achieved the release of true supercar stats at down-to-Earth prices.


The upgrades from this to the current Demon are significant: there is now a larger 2.7-liter per rev supercharger, with increased boost pressure to 14.5 PSI. The RPM limits are significantly higher, sitting at 6,500. It is amazing to many that what you have here is a factory-production drag race car with Torque Reserve, and is snarling and mean enough that it comes with the front passenger seat delete option. All of the savvy customers who purchase this bundle of roaring fury receive one full-day session at the Bob Bondurant School of High-performance Driving, which shouldn't surprise anyone who is purchasing the fastest 1/4 mile car on the planet.


The Demon also has another pretty fantastic feat under its belt: this is the world's first production car ever that lifts the front wheels at launch, and just to claim its fame stoutly, set the world record for longest wheelie from a standing start at 2.92 feet. For a production car, the Demon gets the bragging rights of the highest G-forces ever recorded at launch: 1.8 G. To successfully release this beast that many feel is a sheer miracle to behold, there was intense cooperation among designers and many current drag racers to boot. Just to give you an idea how ready for the strip the Demon is, there are available narrow "front runner" wheels that alleviate front-end weight, and 3,000 vehicles are expected to be released here in the States. Deliveries will commence this fall, and hardcore drag enthusiasts in Atlanta and the entire Southeast should be reverent: this is one game-changing, sinister and muscular ride.


2018 Dodge Durangosrt

It's undeniably true that SUV's have taken a large and exciting plunge into the future the last 3 years. Sleek hybrids that can haul goods and people with a lot of power, or rip down a trail in the mountains with ease have been the name of the game as of late. When you combine the ability to nudge yourself off the highway and get fully immersed in back country with the ease of running errands on Carnegie Way or Carrol Street, many commuters are eagerly looking over their choices for the coming year. With 7 seats and an engine that will go from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds, the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT is going to elevate excitement for many consumers when it hits the lot right here at Landmark Dodge. 

There is 475 horsepower packed into this power-studded SUV, and motorists who have a penchant for the heavy duty truck may be able to strike a bargain with their significant other to meet in the middle on this one. With a massive improvement in the engine, the now-existing 6.5-liter Hemi V8 is much stronger than the previous 5.7 from the 2014+ models. Since other contenders like the Grand Cherokee and Challenger were rumored to be wildly souped-up by next year, it was appropriate that the Durango have the ability to pull some extra weight with its new release. There are new air duct upgrades in the hood for ample cooling, and many aspects of the construction have traits that are very similar to the legendary Charger. 

When you are as far off the beaten path as you needed to journey to explore, you're going to want a rugged and powerful suspension system. On the 2018 Durango SRT, you have the added support of springs that are 3% tighter than previous releases, and 16% stiffer in the rear, a trait that allows you to whip around the corners with ease. Fans of the Charger exhaust will bask in the overall badassery of the tuned pipes on the new Durango SRT, and there are 7 different driving modes for various elements you encounter while driving in Georgia, or anywhere on the continent. Snow, Tow, Sport and Track modes are available for everyone from the driver that is the true weather warrior, to the business traveler who gets caught in an abrupt DeKalb spring downpour. The knob shifter has been ditched for a T-shifter that breathes a bit more sportiness into the Durango, and all of your passengers will be more than comfy and secure with Nappa leather interior. 

We, as the #1 Dodge dealer in the Southeast couldn't be more excited to showcase this highly-amped and feature-filled vehicle for our valued customers this spring. Dodge has really upped the ante for those who love speed and off-road exploring, as well as those who are looking at transporting the family around in a world-class and astoundingly solid choice of SUV. Come on down and pay us a visit this month, and test dive this release billed by the best drivers in the nation as a "Nearly-Demonic Delight"! 

Track Hawk

This year the auto industry has been shaken wildly with the release of some of the fastest and most furious production cars ever made. While many out there that are enduring their daily commutes are looking for cars that are optimum on fuel usage and environmentally-friendly traits, it's obvious that they yearn for sheer adventure. Many drivers right here in Atlanta are allowed generously to daydream about placid mountain peaks and exploring the wild: and this is whre the Jeep brand has always led many to fresh and dream-fulfilling flowing water. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the proud owner of a supercharged V-8, and is the ultimate machine for a citizen who isn't needing as suped-up a rig as some of the hot rod crew demands. 

The new Trackhawk will reach 60 MPH in 3.5 seconds, and it's amazing that it can do so when other major players in this year's offerings do the same with specs 1000 pounds lighter. There is no electronic governor on the Trackhawk, which rules the quarter-mile in 11.6 seconds. When Dodge wowed many with the release of the Challenger SRT Demon this year, they made many in the industry quake in the boots with their much-anticipated limited release. There were many firsts associated with this vehicle, especially within the realms of sheer power, braking system and speed capabilities.

The Torque Reserve launch-control feature that is found in the Trackhawk is the same that the widget for this function in the SRT Demon has, and it does a great job of pulling weight. The Torque reserve launch-control feature holds the supercharger bypass valve closed while working overtime to cut spark and fuel to specific cylinders: this is what ultimately limits amount of torque before the release of the brake takes place. This supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 has wonderfully forged pistons, heavy-duty bearings, 11.6 PSI blower pushing. If you find yourself in a situation that is in desperate need of tow assistance, this vehicle can drag up to 7200 pounds. 

The performance catalog released by Mopar states that the Hellcat V-8 engine and supercharger combined weigh 800 pounds, which is notably heavier than the 6.4-liter that is found in the Grand Cherokee SRT. As far as brakes, you're going to want to know that you're covered by a well-engineered set, with two-piece units securely gripped by six-piston caliper that won't let you down in a pinch. Jeep enthusiasts have been waiting for quite some time to have this very powerful Hellcat-driven beast be available, and the time has finally come. Truly a vehicle that is able to conquer any safari, ski trip, or impromptu run out to the nearest lake, there are going to be plenty of ways you can play with this unearthly and supreme beast. Landmark Dodge Morrow is more than excited to show you the many different ways an addition of a Grand Cherokee can conquer the canyon, or vigilantly verify that you have a smooth jaunt to the office. 

If anything can be said about Moab, it's that the very rugged and diverse terrain is known to be a proving ground of sorts. Just as speed tests are administered in other parts of the desert, Moab is a location that will push a vehicle to its limits as far as quickness, climbing and "sheer combat" mode.

Jeep and Mopar have teamed up to create an offering of hot new vehicles that will make their debut at this year's annual Easter Jeep Safari. This is a well-anticipated event that is attended by thousands who love nothing more than off-road thrills, and are looking to spend the week chasing them. Some of the most challenging trails in the world call Moab home, as this is the primo proving ground for off-roading.

The Jeep Grand OneGrand One

is a modernized spin on the classic 1993 ZJ. It is being released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Grand Cherokee, and comes with custom 18-inch wheels in lace style. It is more than ready for the test with its 33p-inch mud terrain KM2 tires, and both the front and rear axles are equipped with a 2-inch suspension lift and locking differentials. The interior is fully inspired by the great grunge decade: 1990's features like an old-school car phone reside within.

SafariThe Jeep Safari

will have no problem on its 2017 conquest of the varied   Moab terrain. The very family-focused vehicle was constructed with the   objective of giving the backseat passengers a fantastic view during the ride. The concept is a bit like a Wrangler, featuring a two-level aluminum cargo   rack to haul your fishing or camping gear, and LED headlampts to shine through the evening dust you're likely to kick up. The "windoors" are made of lightweight aluminum and clear vinyl, and give the vehicle's entrance  point a great way to jive with the outdoors.

The Jeep QuicksandQuicksand

was made for enthusiasts who love to drive in the challenging locations such as Moab. It's the true hotrod of the bunch, backed by a Mopar 392 Crate Hemi engine. The concept is quite a bit like a Wrangler's, with a longer wheelbase, highly-trimmed front, and cleverly chopped windshield. There's even a recovery rope in the rear, which takes the place of a drag racer's parachute. Interior features are simple, and this is going to be incredibly well-received at Moab. Tires on the Quicksand are made for the toughest to navigate of surfaces, and you'll notice the boost that the coilover shocks offer for knobby navigation. 

TrailpassThe Jeep Trailpass

does the job of taking over where the Compass Trailhawk left off, and is a vehicle that can provide the most awesome of support for the die-hard offroader. Some of the fine points of the Trailpass are its 1.5-inch lift kit, and 18-inch wheels for increased off-road accessibility. The signature roof basket looks awesome, and the exterior has super cool Gloss Black side mirror caps. Comfortable Katzkin leather seats and armrests are inside for optimum comfort while cruising, and the Trailpass gets its muscle from a 2.4-liter Tigershark engine. 

The Jeep SwitchbackSwitchback

is named appropriately after the treacherous and jaw-dropping trails that provide thrills on Moab's offering of terrain. The combination of Mopar and Jeep performance includes a 4-inch lift, and the absorption capabilities of the Remote Reservoir Fox shocks. The bumpers are signature 10th-anniversary steel, and 17-inch concept wheels will fulfill the need for perfect navigation on Moab's punishing offering. For any situation during any limited amount of sunshine, there are LED headlight and fog lamps, LED tail lamps, and a new-concept LED off-road windshield light bar.

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